Thursday, August 25, 2011

22, 40, 74, 6, 2, 59, 14 and 31


He feels as a 22 when he thinks about his future, and all the chances he got to take., and how awesome he is going to be in a while, just in a while.


That’s how he deals with his problems, as a 2 year old baby, he cries out loud, complains to every body about his tinny silly troubles, but for a 2 year old, it is the end of the world, as the wooden cube doesn't fit with the other wooden ring that his dad brought. And he isn't happy as it should fit, at least according to his undeveloped logic.


Is when he feels hectic, exhausted and fighting the windmills, he even doubts his beliefs and principles. Did he take the right steps! Feeling old but trapped in a young body which gives a very uncomforting condition to his mind. Leads to a self judgment based on the chances he missed, not the ones he took.


Is the time when somebody consults him, asking for advice or help, he got to act mature and well experienced, and at the same time brave and cool. A wired combination usually fails to generate a feasible solution for the guy in trouble, but who cares; it gives Him the look and the respect.


Comes when he really has no clue, doesn't really remember or even wants to. He just needs to keep his boat sailing better to say floating, moving by the wind expecting to sink at a split of a second.


He gets into this mode when he desires something badly, try to sneak into it, putting all the smartest plans ever, yet it is too obvious for all the grown ups around him, and again he gets busted.


Rarely comes to his state of mind, only when he is satisfied, watching what he has achieved through out the journey. Telling himself nothing better can be done. willing to rest and enjoy for an instant. With no intention for any further developments nor corrections


Is him in action, full of energy. When he learns there is more to learn. The more he gains the less significant he feels, however he is sure he is on the right track. And he will never be 31!

is the average number of all the above, if you added all of them ( 22, 40, 74, 6, 2, 59, 14 and 31) and then divided by the number 8 ( number of the figures) all what you get is 31.

putting in mind i didn't adjust or play with the numbers, i just selected them randomly, and this crazy though of calculating the average came up to my mind once i finished writing the note, this leads me to more confusion than i felt before creating it!

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